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Some of our Prints are specifically designed about a social topic we care about. This time the prints talk about female empowerment, the refugee crisis and equality and we would like to show you the projects we are supporting with these special designs. 

'Sea Love' donates to Proactiva Open Arms: This hand-sketched yoga legging shows an idealised version of the Mediterranean with clear blue water and colourful sea life.


The donations are for Proactiva Open Arms, a Spanish non-governmental organisation which has made it its mission to rescue people who are trying to reach Europe from the sea. On their website they are giving a voice to the people that were rescued and talk about the importance of their work - visually and in words. 

‘Beats for Peace’ donates to Musicians without Borders. The design visualises famous Nigerian Jazz musician Fela Kuti who fought for human rights and equality, mostly (but not always) through his music. He was an activist that made a point through his art, his music. 

Everywhere around the globe music brings joy and movement, creates community and puts a smile on people’s faces. The non-profit organisation Musicians without Borders is using music as a tool to bring social change, build peace and create a sense of belonging and purpose, often in the most vulnerable communities in poor countries, or countries that are at war. 

'Power Pants' donates to Orchid Project. The 'Pants Pants Day' and 'Power Pants Eve' are showcasing three famous women who have influenced the movement of women starting to wear and feel comfortable in pants: Marlene Diedrichs, Coco Chanel and Katherine Hepburn. 

For this topic we have chosen to donate to Orchid Project, a British non-profit that is trying to end the practice of Female Genital Cutting (FGC). FGC is the term for a practice where girl’s external genitals are fully or partially removed. Read about the impacts of FCG here and learn how this non-profit is educating about human rights, empowering to fight against this practice, building community and bringing awareness.

With your purchase of these designs we donated 4€ per leggings and 2€ per crop top or shorts sold. 

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