The story how Pitaya Yoga was created

Behind the brand is a two-women team, Irina and Sara, who met for the first time in 2016 on a partner acrobatics training. Irina is from Barcelona and worked for various international companies in the print design sector. Sara now lives in Berlin and previously worked for a British Ed-tech start-up in London.

From the picture below, can you guess who the designer is? ;p  

Sara and Irina had both left their jobs in search for more independence, adventure and above all, physical movement. A pure office job wasn't for either of them. Their ways finally crossed in Andalusia, where the training took place. The two became good friends on the first day already, when Sara saw and liked Irina's colourful shorts with astronaut cats on them. 

Already during their time in Andalusia they talked about how cool it would be to start a project together. So afterwards they stayed in touch and when Sara injured her shoulder in Mexico, she had enough time on her hands to look for some nice fabrics and a production house to make some sample legging with Irina's design.

See below some of the first designs on legging with great summer vibes, beautiful friends as our models and self-made t-shirts with our logo. We love photoshoots!

Our first jumper was oversize, super soft and had a hand-sketched design embroidered.

The first leggings were a big success, also thanks to a soft yet functional 'peach-skin' fabric from Colombia. From that first very positive feedback it was an easy decision to go on and so Irina created more prints and the first ever Pitaya Yoga collection was born.

From then on it was all ad-hoc learning and a lot of self-made everything: the design and product development process, photoshoots, creating the Onlineshop, packing orders, (trying to understand) marketing, planning productions, legal and admin (struggles), good ideas and bad ideas.

Lots of joy, lots of work and also lots of fails - it was all part of it. 

Here is Irina creating the pattern for the embroidered jumper: 

Since their creation in early 2017 the label has launched multiple collections with different topics and many artistic designs. After more than four years the team is slowly growing, and so is the brand.

The label has added 'Creative Yoga and Dance Retreats' to their repertoire, sharing their love for yoga, Acroyoga, handstands, dance and creative things like painting and drawing. 

Thanks for checking us out!! 



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