Here the three checks that anything new had to pass in order to enter Irina’s backpack. After months of traveling, practicing yoga, wearing off her yoga pants and not finding a cosmic replacement for it,  the artist behind Pitaya realized that the world of yoga needed a chromatic shake-up to break free from the monotonous yogi uniform of seriousness.
It kicked off in Berlin when our friends and clients would casually leave their Pitaya’s on after yoga and carry on with their day, tackling their jobs, running errands, attending meetups, hitting parties, surviving afterparties, battling hangovers…  
Ok... A pair of leggings won't miraculously fix all environmental issues but working for years in the fashion industry has impacted and determined our decision to always make the most eco-friendly choices in production as well as the other business related processes. Here's how we do it:
   ·  Producing locally with textile communities only one hour by car from our studio.
   ·  Using recycled materials for our fabrics.
   ·  Printing with a waterless technique.
   ·  Opting for paper and cardboard packaging.
In order to raise awareness, we have consistently incorporated the themes of climate change and sustainability into our collections. Additionally, we have made donations to various NGOs actively involved in these areas, including Friday's for Future, Four Paws, Parley for the Oceans, Open Arms, and many others.