Embracing the CHAOS... Collection and Donations!

This image is also hand-sketched by Irina, creating and combining various ideas we reflect in our donation-based designs. Have a closer look for all the fun and small details she adds to it! 

At the end of June 2020 we donated part of the income from our donation-based designs. Here is what was collection from the past six months:  


178€ went to Parley.tv 
512€ went to Proactiva Open Arms
412€ went to Four Paws Intl.
134€ went to Musicians without Borders
60€ went to Orchid Project


A big thank you to all of you who are purchasing our designs and making these donations possible! This is part of the reason why we created our own company and why we still donate, even though Co-vid had some financial setbacks for us. 


With the arrival of our CHAOS collection we also re-stocked the bestsellers - our 'Door of the Cosmos' Design on Leggings and Crop Top. With a five months delay we are relieved and happy that we can finally launch. And what a perfect topic to the journey we had to go through for this collection - pure Chaos!


We did the photoshoot of the collection with one of the founders as a model and the other one as a photographer, saving some costs and actually having an amazing time.


The CHAOS collection includes a short t-shirt, an oversize tank tops, a sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The design is illustrated by hand by Irina about the topic and elements of Chaos.


Here is a bit about our creative journey:  "With this print we wanted to refresh old stereotypes through a more queer lens. In ancient stories, the Order forces are usually represented by a knight and the Chaos forces by an evil dragon, ready to feed on a helpless princess. Instead, our knight is an androgynous human making love instead of war with the dragon.

There is lots more chaotic elements such as a banana peel, Nefertiti’s head (the Egyptian goddess of beauty) as a satellite, a melting phone with a private beach, explosions and passing clouds with wings."  


Thanks for checking us out! 



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