Our Dopamine Collection

First of all, what is dopamine? Dopamine, also known as feel-good neurotransmitter, is a chemical that transmits information between neurons.

This important neurochemical can enhance mood, motivation and attention, and helps to regulate exercise, learning, and emotional responses. Dopamine is crucial to our ability to feel pleasure as well as our unique human ability to think and plan.

It encourages us to concentrate, strive, and seek out new experiences. Too much or too little dopamine can cause or affect a variety of mental and physical health problems. Symptoms of its general absence can include a lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and more. 

Times have been hard...and they still are. Fear for our loved ones, social-distancing, anxiety, and depression has been troubling most of us. Everyone lived and had to suffer it differently. We started to read about how to increase the dopamine level naturally :p like with meditation, moving your body, getting enough sleep and listening to music. Both experiences became the main inspiration for our new collection. 

Irina hand-sketched and designed these powerful and very colorful prints to create something motivational, something that will bring you joy, spark your movement and (hopefully!) as a result, your Dopamine. 

This collection invites to break stiff patterns with swirling lines, undulating shapes, vibrant colors and some craziness…like why not a 4 eyed 3 boobied aliens. Not only the characters of the prints spark your interest and are moving but were created in motion. A hand holding a brush, two eyes following every stroke, the earth moving 460 meters per second. 

Our Brain Brush shows colorful, vibrant paint brush strokes that represent energetic motions and emotions that come together to create a canvas of positive energy that inspires to imagine, dream, move and create. 

The Mr. Ti design embodies the tigers' essence of flexibility, strength, focus and fluid movements. It visualizes elemental forces connecting flowing air with the shape of a tiger, where its unique color symbolizes happiness and tranquility. It is our representation for the power of movement and staying strong in turbulent times. 

And finally, our Show me your Dopamine, seeks to bring you pleasure, to inspire you to feel, laugh, love and dance. Melting vibrant colors, rhythm, happy faces, dancing humans and cheerful extraterrestrial life that sparks your consciousness and outlines the beauty of life. It is our homage to the importance of mental health.

All of these new, vibrant designs come as leggings, shorts and tops. We invite you to mix and match and go a little crazier than usual!

We hope you feel inspired by this new collection. We hope it causes you joy, smiles and lots of motion. Thank you all for your support. 

Have a lovely day! 

Sara & Irina 

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