Impressions of our Yoga & Dance Retreat 2022 🌿

Safe the dates for next year: 10-15 July 2023 near Granada in Spain!

Exercise, creativity and relaxation - the best recipe for a satisfying week for mind and body!

We arrived at Ekodrom Estate late in the evening when it was already dark and a day before a group of about 20 people joined us. It is quite exciting to arrive in the dark and wake up the next morning to a beautiful sunny day and find out where you have arrived. You feel like a kid, very curious and quite adventurous.


It was a really good start to a fantastic week. The group arrived, settled in and we started right away with a welcome workshop. Our plan for the week was quite extensive. With many different disciplines and an experienced group of teachers, we had the opportunity to explore new movement practices and deepen existing ones.

Our schedule looked something like this:

08:30     relaxed start with Yoga or dance
09:30     breakfast
11:30     workshop 1 (Rocket Yoga, dance or Acroyoga)
13:30     lunch & free time  
15:30     workshop 2 (handstand or Creatives)
17:00     workshop 3 (dance or Acroyoga)
18:30     dinner
20:00     Yin Yoga, Thai-Massage or bondfire 

After:     hot tubs & sauna 


The program is jam-packed with movement and creativity activities that sum up to 6-7 hours per day. We were surprised that most of the group participated in most of the workshops. Some skipped one activity per day while others were there the whole time - pretty cool!

What really kept us going and in good spirits were the hot tubs and sauna in the evening. This was also perfect when the weather turned a bit cloudy and rainy mid-week.

A little more about our teachers!

Amanda was our yoga teacher and also gave a Rocket Yoga Masterclass. She is originally from the USA and lives in Barcelona, where we met her. Amanda does all sorts of sports from Acroyoga, capoeira, floor acrobatics and even free diving. With her calm and friendly nature, she was happy to tell us tips and tricks for any type of movement.

Jules from Berlin taught Acroyoga and Thai massage. Jules is also an all-rounder and focuses especially on Acroyoga and handstands. Instead of having breakfast, Jules does handstands. Within a few hours she got the group up to a good level and we were even able to put together a few flows. A good base to really dive into the Acroyoga world after the retreat.

Lena was our dance teacher and her classes were all quite different. She found a great place on a hill for her morning dance classes. We fake-laughed at each until we were really laughing our asses off. She taught us a short choreography, her secret to dancing in rhythm, and the basics of embodying different qualities in the body. Pretty cool!

Irina is one of the co-founders of the brand and teaches creative skills by putting on her favourite Spotify list and setting up a cozy place to paint and unwind. We paint with watercolours and do various exercises, individually and as a group, to tune into our creativity. These sessions can never be long enough, because once you start, you can really go on forever. Irina also shows how to integrate dance into your drawings.

pitaya yoga creative retreat painting croatia 2022

Sara is the other co-creator of the brand and she teaches handstands. In a fun way, she teaches people how to get strong for handstands, what to do and what not to do, and which muscles are actually the biggest helpers. Her favourite thing to do is dynamic variations where you can dance, walk, twerk and shake your legs out - all upside down! 

The biggest thanks goes to Ekodrom Estate. Marko and his team took fantastic care of the cooking, everything related to the accommodation, and turned on the hot tubs and sauna. It made it pretty easy for us. And what a wonderful place with beautiful nature!

Would you like to be there next year? Save the date July 10-15, 2023. The retreat will be happening in Granada, Spain.

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