Our Donations 2021 so far - and more to come!

Several of our products are donation based, which is very important to us. The NGOs we donate to cover several topics, such as climate activism, animal protection, refugee aid, mental health and disabilities and others. At the beginning of October 2021 we donated the generated part of the income of our donation-based designs from February 2021 to July 2021.

A big thank you to all of you who are being part of the journey, purchasing our designs and making these donations possible! 

Here is the full list what was collected from each design and to whom we donated to:  

  • Sea Love Design: PROACTIVA OPEN ARMS (refugee aid in the mediterranean) - €640
  • pRRR Design: Sea Shepherd (defending wildlife in the ocean) - €226 
  • Eco Eco Design: Fridays for Future (climate action demonstration) - €283
  • Animal Affair Design: Four Paws (fighting for animal rights) - €58


Thank you so much and a big big hug!

Sara & Irina

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