Seriously, a collection about old people?

Welcome to our Yoga Summer Collection of 2022

We hope you are extra-curious to find out our thoughts behind this collection because there is A LOT we want to share with you!

Our models Tati (left) and Stella (right) in the 'Pitayaya' design

Our joyful summer collection of 2022 is called 'ZEiTGEiST' and it's about getting older and the strange phenomenon of time. It kept us busy lately how we, as a society, perceive and treat elder people and what position they take in our society. It very much depends on the culture you grow up or live in, how elderly people are treated.

So... who of you would be excited to grow old in the culture you live in? ...

.... Well no, us neither!

One thing we all have in common ist that we are going to grow old. In a way, looking at our elder people, we can see our future. Also media usually shows elder people as pretty dull, usually sad, always grumpy, and very fragile. It is not surprising that this makes them feel isolated and left behind. 

With our collection we would like to turn the narrative around. Elder people are colourful, strong, extroverted and daring. They act silly, crack jokes, have dreams and goals, be the most fashionable person in the room and laugh the loudest at the table. 

Tati and Stella in the 'ZEiTGEiST' design. In the centre, and the boss of the whole set, is Irina's cool grandmother Constanza

Doesn't Constanza prove in a way that, of course you're still up for little adventures in older age? No convincing was needed even though she kept on repeating that this is not what she wears usually :D 

Growing old is a phenomenon that is closely related to the concept of time. In our 'Zeitgeist' design we show you our perception of time, giving it a physical body and a look. How would you visualise time? 

Come into our imagination: here, time is stretching and shrinking, becoming a loop and gaining unreasonable weight surprisingly fast, before shrinking back to miniature size. It has different colours for the past, present and future. And if we mix that all up, we can dance around in a 3D reality where we are all equal - no matter our age (or anything else). 

Our third design 'Marbleblast' takes us to very experimental times in history, the 60's and 70's. The time the now elderly people grew up in was exciting in many ways. Millions of people marched against the Vietnam war, Martin Luther king ignited the fight against racism and the great artists in Woodstock moved masses with their new experimental rhythms.

Featured Design: 'Marbleblast'

Visual artists represented their altered states of consciousness using swirling and absorbing elements to create a back and forth of shapes and colours. Who needs psychedelics anymore?  

So welcome to our three new prints about this topic: 'Pitayaya' ('Yaya' means grandma in Spanish), 'Marbleblast' and 'Zeitgeist'.

Find a comment box below if you feel like sharing your input on the topic or questions related to the designs. 


Sara & Irina  


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