A guideline for Pitaya Fabrics & Style

Hey Pitaya Lover! We created this little guide for you about our fabrics and how to take care of your favorite Pitayas so that your outfit stays bright and colorful!

Different needs - different fabrics!

Since we know that our Pitayas are used for all kinds of activities we offer you our colorful prints in different materials! 

Our long loved Bamboo Line is soft and suits you like a second skin. Thanks to its microscopic holes in their fiber, Bamboo offers excellent ventilation, makes it breathable and gives you comfort during hot days. We love our Bamboo material not only because of how it feels but also because (unlike other organic fibers), Bamboo requires little water to grow - and it grows fast! It even is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth and does not use or rely on chemicals, fertilizers or insecticides to grow. 

Our active line is made with recycled polyester, where we are giving plastic a second life, turning it into a strong, resistant and sporty material that feels soft at the same time! We chose this material since the production of recycled polyester uses around 59% less energy compared to conventional polyester (result of a study by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment from 2017). The recycling of existing plastics also means that less oil has to be extracted and through the recycling process, less polyester ends up in landfills, where it is incinerated and toxic pollutants are released.

Washing Instructions!

For both materials we have the same washing suggestion, however our bamboo fabric is a bit more delicate since bamboo fibers are naturally shorter, this is why you might experience what we call the “peeling effect”. Please wash your pieces always inside out, without fabric softener and at maximum 30 Degrees (cold wash would be best). Bamboo fabric does not dry as quickly as synthetic or cotton fabrics so please be patient - It is important to air dry them. This way your Pitayas will bring joy for a looong time. 

Our Bodysuits!

For our bodysuit we wanted to give you a little Pitaya Hack! All bodies are different so we made them adjustable! You can easily pull the strings to tighten the upper part..sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. 

And now you are ready to rock your practice or..the streets! Let us know if you are in need of some more care taking instructions, we are happy to add them! 



Have a lovely day! 

Sara & Irina 

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