The women-led label was founded in 2017 by Irina and Sara who are two yoga, Acroyoga and dance enthusiasts. The style of their hand-sketched yoga pants show the ideas and talent of designer Irina who studied Arts and Fashion in Barcelona and mixed both passions becoming a fashion print designer. On her travels she met Sara on a month long partner acrobatics teacher training in Andalusia and so together they started with Pitaya Yoga. Sara is now living in Berlin with her little family and if times allows, teaches handstands or joins contemporary dance classes. She studied business and economics and formerly worked in an office job in a London EdTech startup.

Another addition to the team is Mia Drobec who you are writing to if you contact our great, overly-efficient and always kind and helpful support mail. She is from Croatia so that basically means that her humour really sucks. 


Your leggings, our canvas! 

All design you see in store are hand-sketched by us! Usually with a combination of illustrations and watercolour and gouache paintings. On our social media pages you find the creative processes of our drawings and more explanations about the many details you find in our prints. For truly unique yoga clothing!

A Yoga label that gives back

The brand shows that they love what they do in the things they create and a lot of focus goes into every detail. As they have a strong wish to contribute socially, they donate to organisations that are active in areas like the refugee crisis, woman empowerment, animal protection and climate activism - amongst others. So far, since 2017, they have donated a total amount of 7.265€ to Orchid Project, Musicians without Borders, Proactiva Open Arms, Vier Pfoten, Parley, Help Refugees, Light without borders, Fridays for Future, Kunstzentrum Besondere Menschen, Deutsche Depressionsliga, UNO Flüchtlingshilfe, Sea Sheperd and Medica Mondiale. 


Small quantities in a responsible production

The label started off in early 2017 with productions in a family-run business in Guadalajara, Mexico, where Sara was living at the time. As their initial fabric was taken off the market, they started producing with a recycled polyester textile that was especially elaborated for them in Greece. On the quest for a natural fibre textile, they are now working with a middle-size production company in Turkey and produces with a quality fabric made out of bamboo, cotton and elastane. Their active line is from a high quality recycled polyester and their sweats collection with a cotton material. 

The oldies, and the newbies!

New designs come out every four to five months. And as soon as the designs are sold out, they are usually gone forever. Except for a few super-mega favourite designs which get to be re-stocked from time to time. This way there is always space for new designs but it also means that your favourite design might not be available anymore when you discover it.

So stay up to date with us! We enjoy creating, illustrating, conceptualising and painting too much to just print off our oldies. And you benefit from this with truly unique hand-sketched yoga pants that are limited editions.