It looks like we are many people. We are actually just two... with many friends ❤

It is all about the story in the prints
Our mission at Pitaya Yoga is to create young and artsy yoga fashion with designs that humour and please the modern yogi. The prints are unique and colourful and some reflect on social topics we care about, feature timeless historical figures, strengthen the gender equality movement or focus on a lifestyle topic like music or traveling.
A yoga label that gives back
Our vision is to produce fairly in the countries we live in or frequently travel to, building long term business relationships for sustainable work and quality products. We have embarked on a journey to do what we love and show it in the things we create. We donate to organisations that are active in the areas and topics we reflect about in our prints.
A small label with a responsible production
We started our production in a family-run business in Guadalajara, Mexico which serves labels with smaller quantities. We chose this production house as back in the time Sara lived in Guadalajara and was working closely with the producer for the first collections. We are now moving onto a production done in Europe which reduces our carbon dioxide imprint due to shorter transport distances. We are paying fair European prices, our products are made in both Turkey and Greece. We also use compostable clothing bags.

An artsy yoga wear brand with colourful clothing that supports social cause

Powered by two yoga, Acroyoga and dance enthusiasts who formerly worked in the fashion industry and in the area of social entrepreneurship. We chose Pitaya as the brand name because of the colourful and beautifully shaped dragon fruit. The extroverted and unusual shape very much resonated with our idea to create something different to what already exists in the yoga fashion market. The style of the hand-sketched yoga pants are very much the style of designer Irina who studied Arts and Fashion in Barcelona and mixed both passions becoming a fashion print designer. Previously for big companies, now for her own one. She loves to own her own time and to travel, work, do yoga, meditate and dance. On her travels she met Sara on a month long partner acrobatics teacher training in Andalusia and so together they started with Pitaya Yoga. Sara is now living in Berlin and spends her time teaching Handstands and studying movement therapy in the areas of pilates and yoga. She had formerly worked in an office job in a London EdTech startup but couldn't sit still long enough to make it through a working day. Together they create artsy yoga wear that is suitable for the practice and also fits well into everyday life.


Sara Bauchmueller


Irina Muñoz