Crop Top 'Hey Yogini'


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'Hey Yogini' is a re-edition of our best selling design 'Yogini Funk'. This time we are reflecting on the relation between yoga and social media - without judgement: how at...

'Hey Yogini' is a re-edition of our best selling design 'Yogini Funk'. This time we are reflecting on the relation between yoga and social media - without judgement: how at the same time it can motivate and depress; how it creates bonds between strangers and how it separates them. 

In this playful illustration you find impossible asanas and hyperflexible yogis floating in a kaleidoscopic sea of media, 'likes' and 'shares'. Impressive and intimidating, with attention-seeking bright colours this design is humorous and thoughtful at the same time. 



Per crop top sold we donate 2,- EUR to 'Orchid Project' from the UK. With our designs 'Power Pants Eve' and 'Power Pants Day' we have previously donated to this project that fights against female genital cutting. As we would like to continue to support them we will now re-direct parts of the income from the Hey Yogini' design to them. 


New Collection 2020

'HEY WONDER FOOL WORLD' is dedicated to a time we live(d) in strange madness. The idea to work on a collection with this topic arose before Co-vid hit the world - how strange the little we had to adapt to continue with the ideas of our designs.

The collection expresses the fascination for the wonderful place we live in, yet including an observation of fast transformation due to our rapid and somewhat strange human development. How different the world, values and life styles looked in the 80's. 

We address new 'behaviour trends' in our 'Hey Yogini' print, keep record of the latest global event in our 'Home' print and with 'Electric Jungle' we go back to the safe zone: nature, for being an endless inspirational source. 



- design illustrated by hand with gouache and computer edited, experimental background
- design inspired by the topic of yoga and its role in social media 
- item made from a natural bamboo (64%), cotton (24%) and elastane (12%) fabric
- the fabric is soft to touch and firm regarding the fit
- breathable fabric that feels very good on the skin
- produced in Turkey and paid with fair European prices 
- yoga crop top that reaches to your waist with a comfortable fit, perfect for inversions
- with spaghetti straps and beautiful back shape
- easily to combine with light and dark colours


This collection is produced with a natural textile that is composed of 64% bamboo, 24% cotton and 12% elastane. After a long search of the perfect fabric for our designs we are finally content with the softness, breathability, thickness and fit of the material. Plus it is made out of natural resources - bamboo is known to be a sustainable plant because it grows quickly and doesn't require chemicals to do so. 

To retain the colours on this fabric please follow the washing instructions carefully: turn around to wash, cold wash (max. 40º), air dry & no fabric softener. 


- sizes XS, S, M and L are available
- true to size
- there is a size guide available for this product
- our model is 162cm and wears size S


Ready to ship in 1- 3 business days.
From Berlin, Germany