Long Sleeve 'Marbleblast'

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 'Marbleblast' is a trip to the most experimental times in history, the 60’s and 70’s. When our beloved grandama’s were young and lived in times of change. Millions of people marched against the Vietnam war, Martin Luther king ignited the fight against racism and the great artists in Woodstock moved masses with their new experimental rhythms.

Visual artists represented their altered states of consciousness using swirling and absorbing elements to create a back and forth of shapes and colours. This is what we have taken as reference for this design.

Why using psychedelics when you can look at our 'Marbleblast' design?



design illustrated by hand with gouache
fabric • 64 bamboo / 24 cotton / 12 elastane 
soft to touch, breathable and firm 
the thin version of our bamboo fabric
made in Turkey
Stella is 186 cm & wearing a size M (38)


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