Bodysuit 'Pitayaya'

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There is something we all have in common... we’re all going to grow old. Looking at our elder ones, we can see our future. Won't we all have plans, dreams and goals same as we do right now?

'Pitayaya' stands for liveliness, passion and joy still in advanced age. Quite the opposite is represented in the media: dull, sad, fragile and grumpy people. No wonder they feel isolated and left behind.

We want to see elder people in a different light, more colourful, stronger and daring. This collection is a portal to an intergenerational mix in which we crash the beliefs that keep us from interacting with each other in an enriching way.

Did you know 'YAYA' means Grandma in Spanish? 

design illustrated by hand with gouache
fabric • 64 bamboo / 24 cotton / 12 elastane 
soft to touch, breathable and firm 
the thin version of our bamboo fabric
made in Turkey
Stella is 186 cm & wearing a size M (38)


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