With our 4th collection we are starting to connect hand-sketched design with current world topics that call our attention. We chosen the Mediterranean for this collection and this is our design 'Sea Love' which was created and inspired by this topic and shows the Mediterranean underwater world as we like to imagine it to be.
Our hand-sketched 'Sea Love' print is designed to support Pro Active Open Arms with the mission "(...) to rescue refugees from the sea that arrive in Europe fleeing wars, persecution or poverty". We donate 5,- EUR per sold Sea Love legging to the foundation.

Since our start in 2016 we have launched two productions. The first was dedicated to Mexico; a country that (more than many others) is successful at keeping its traditions alive. We are delighted to see how many people purchase our Frida Kahlo Leggings, which stands for women empowerment and pro gender equality. This was a movement set by Frida Kahlo, of course, not so much by us. But we love the traction it gets and hope this is as much a conscious purchase as much as it is for the icon herself. We dedicated our second production to our time in Vietnam, where the mix of nature and mentality inspired us to add a few crazy prints. We also worked on a Yogini design, which shows a modern yogi life in a city like Berlin. This second production was very much an insight into our lives back then: one of us travelling in Vietnam, one of us starting a typical city life in Berlin.

Hand-Sketching our Prints