At Pitaya Yoga we are all about hand-sketched prints that tell a story
Both of us have a passion for print design, movement, entrepreneurship, creativity and pro-active social involvement. We have a philosophy to life that includes conscious consumption, nutrition and movement. We want to stay healthy and do as much as possible to give the planet and environment the same opportunity. We are happiest when we are in creating new prints in a beautiful sunny place. Below you can see some videos of our print making process!
Supporting social projects with our colourful and artsy yoga clothing!

Your Legging, our Canvas!

All our colourful prints are illustrated by hand and carefully painted with watercolours. We give importance to the artistic journey and at the same time we have themed collections about current world topics topics we care about. These topics include countries and their cultures, the flora and fauna of different climates, the interpretation of urban lifestyle and trends, the beauty of nature, unusual shapes and element, arts and whatever other content might be inspiring: documentaries, exhibitions, galleries. Our special edition designs are dedicated to organisations that are proactively trying to improve the situation in areas like the refugee crisis, gender equality, women empowerment, climate change, conscious consumption - to only name a few. A percentage of our income generated with these designs are donated to the organisation.

hand-sketched prints

Hand-Sketching our Prints