At Pitaya Yoga we are all about hand-sketched prints that tell a story
The two founding girls have a passion for print design, movement, entrepreneurship, creativity and pro-active social involvement. They follow a philosophy to life that includes conscious consumption, nutrition and movement with the goal to stay healthy and do as much as possible to give the planet and environment the same opportunity.
Supporting social projects with colourful and artsy yoga clothing!

Your Legging, our Canvas!

The brands visual look is determined by their colourful prints, which are each illustrated by hand and painted with watercolours. The label solely takes care about their artistic journey and the individuality of the designs is unique to the yoga wear market. Every design has a little story to tell which you can read about in every individual product description. The overall collections are designed about certain topics the two creators care about. The general topics include countries and their cultures, flora and fauna of different climates, interpretation of urban lifestyle and trends, the beauty of nature, unusual shapes and element and whatever other content might be inspiring from documentaries, art exhibitions and galleries. What else is different about the label? They draw special edition designs which are dedicated to organisations that are proactively trying to improve the situation in areas like the refugee crisis, gender equality, women empowerment, climate change, conscious consumption - to only name a few. A percentage of the income generated with these designs are donated to the chosen organisations.

hand-sketched prints

Hand-Sketching our Prints