Get to know our pRRR design!

The name pRRR so far is our weirdest name for a design... but hold on, let us explain!

We created this print as part of our 'sustainability' collection and what the 'rrr' is referring to are the benefits of: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is an official movement which in its theory makes a lot of sense, especially because the actions described are something that is doable for all of us!!

So yes, we got attached to this idea...

Most likely as a yogi you are already doing some of the actions that this movement suggests and high five if you do!

In general it means reducing the creation of waste and one-time use of plastics for everybody. Somewhere we read a statement that instead of a few zero-waste living individuals that master the art of creating no waste at all, we need a bigger amount of people that doesn't master it a 100% but give it their best effort. That makes sense! One element that points to this in our pRRR designs is the girl that is bringing everything necessary to make a picnic without leaving any trash behind - nice one. 

When it comes to reusing stuff it already gets a lot more creative, in our design we are showing how a defective or old lightbulb can be used as a little plant pot. It even looks cool and hey, after all we like vintage right? This is one of many ideas if you think about it and try to reuse everything that you might throw away something very cool could come out of it, give it a go!! 

Recycling is a big topic in the collection of 'sustainability' as our fabric is made from recycled polyester yarn. In the design you can follow the hands that are making Pitaya Yoga pants out of recycled polyester yarn and that are closing the water to be using resources responsibly. You can see that this design talk about the small gestures, not the big ones.... 


The 'rrr' makes sense now but what about the P? Nothing else than all these actions done by many many people make us pRRR like a happy cat :D 


And by the way, our pRRR Design is available on yoga legging, shorts, crop top and bodysuit!! It works nice in combination or, if you prefer, a mono-coloured top OR, if you are a fan of mixing colours and designs just another one of our design makes for a good combination. 


On another interesting note we have dedicated this design to an organisation called ''. It is one of the coolest and most creative projects that has dedicated its time and efforts to save the ocean. We frequently hear or see for ourselves that a lot of waste is brought into the ocean and sea animals and of course the water quality are taking a big hit.

For every legging sold we donate 4€ for every bodysuit 3€ and for every short and crop top we donate 2€ to their cause. 

This is one of our design with the most details and thoughts out into it. We love it and hope you do, too!! :) 

Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for the upcoming design presentations! 




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