Design presentation 'Eco Eco'

Finally the new 'Sustainability' collection is filling our online shop and so let's start to present the new designs and the stories behind them. Here is the first design: 'Eco Eco'. As all of our work, it is a hand-sketched design and below you see one of the drawings for this print.



The design shows a few of the gestures we can follow to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.  As Irina and Sara are both currently living in Berlin it is easy to see where they get their inspiration from - the dress code is quite extravagant. They love the extroverted styles you see on the streets of Kreuzberg and the fact that you can wear whatever you want without being judged.

Another gesture is using a bicycle rather than a car, which totally makes sense in bigger cities. In the end it is a much faster way of moving from one place to the other. We love cities' effort to turn car lanes into bicycles lanes and the change of infrastructure that comes with it. The role model is Copenhagen, where nearly two thirds of the population move around on bicycles. 

Shopping in the local veggie market is another one of the gestures we can do for a more sustainable living. Not only avoiding the plastic packaging that most supermarkets surprisingly still have but also supporting local farmers. 

The main elements of the 'Eco Eco' print are a variety of plants - they calm us down and give us the sweet task of taking care of another living being. Urban gardening is the result of people in cities wanting to plant, grow and take care of plants and the more green spaces a city has the more liveable it is. 

And last but not least... there is a completely random element. The bengal tiger made it into the 'Eco Eco' print as designer Irina was surprised and sad that there is only so few left of them. It is on the list of species that are in danger of extinction.

As climate change is becoming more and more serious however, the most important thing is to demonstrate and to put pressure on politicians to reach structural changes. So that living sustainably is actually the easier, and also cheaper choice. As Luisa Neubauer says in her podcast: It is not easy to live a sustainable life in a world, that is simply not sustainable. 

Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for the upcoming design presentations! 




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